Huddersfield Town face Chelsea on Tuesday night, with the Terriers looking for another win after beating Brighton and Hove Albion at the weekend.

Town continued their fine form at the John Smith's Stadium, netting two to sink the Seagulls - but the current Premier League champions will prove a tougher test than the newly-promoted side.

Here's what David Wagner had to say about his side taking on the likes of Eden Hazard, Alvaro Morata and N'Golo Kante this midweek.

Wagner on... injuries

"There is no news injury-wise regarding our squad after our last game against Brighton.

"Hef [Michael Hefele] was in training for the first time yesterday - full training - with the group, so hopefully now we can continue this now consistantly.

"We will make this step by step for sure, but yesterday was a big day for all of us because Hef was back in training."

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Wagner on... Steve Mounié

"We have seen after the pre-season and the first games he played for us this season that we have signed a proper, young, talented, hungry number nine and we were - and are still - happy he is part of our squad.

"He started very well then had his injury problems.

"Steve is a player who needs his best fitness level to perform and he is one of the fittest, strongest guys in our squad and he needed time to come back to this level again.

"Now he is back on his best fitness level and this helps him to show all the qualities he has.

"We thought in the last two weeks he looked much stronger in training with every training session and every game minute he had so it wasn't a surprise when he performed like he performed even if you always have doubts because you don't know it yet.

"I was very happy for him and for us as a team as well because we need goalscorers, we need players who are a threat in the offence - he is one and he has shown, and hopefully he can continue to show, what a great talent and a good player he is.

"I really love him as a player and a character as well and we are very happy he is a part of our squad - especially now in this busy period where so many games are coming thick and fast.

"He and Laurent Depoitre - we have there two proper number nines in our squad."

Antonio Conte during the match against West Ham

Wagner on... Chelsea looking to bounce back from West Ham defeat

"All of us learn from experiences - positive and negative.

"But, like in the past, it makes no sense to be too much focused on Chelsea and their reaction - we have to be focused on ourself because we are unable to influence what Chelsea's thoughts are.

"We had our experiences as well - especially at home - against the big teams and Chelsea is one of the biggest, maybe the biggest, team in England because they are the team who won the title last season.

"They are a top, top team with great players and a very good manager as well.

"We are happy to host them and we are very excited about what is in front of us.

"Huddersfield Town plays against Chelsea in the Premier League - this speaks for itself.

"To play this at home at the John Smith's Stadium with our supporters, under floodlights - it will be an exciting evening and night for all of us and hopefully we can make it into a successful night for us as well.

"This is our aim - even if we know this is one of the biggest tasks we can have.

"But we will be there and we will try our best."

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Wagner on... teams fearing the John Smith's Stadium

"This is exactly the same as I said before.

"This is nothing I can influence and nothing that really interests me - what other teams think about us.

"For me it's important we are focused on ourselves and what we have done in the past because we learn from experiences as well.

"Now we have had a lot of experiences in the Premier League in home games as well against big names and less big names as well.

"We know exactly what we have to do to have a small chance and our supporters know exactly what they have to do tomorrow night to help us have this small chance.

"If a small gap opens which we can use then we will try everything to use it because it is important, if you want to stay up, that you collect points against the top six as well.

"We have collected three points so far and Chelsea is the last one of the top six we play in the first half of this season.

"All of the other games against the top six we have performed more or less, even if we have conceded a lot of defeats in these games.

"Like always no one will expect - and we cannot expect - a positive result from us tomorrow, even if I hope for a good result and we will try and work for it, but we cannot expect it.

"What we can expect is that we will make it as uncomfortable as we have done in all the home games with our supporters against this opponent.

"This is exactly what we'd like to do and then we will see what we can get out of this game."

Huddersfield Town vs Brighton & Hove Albion, 09.12.17: Town players celebrate with the fans at full-time.
Huddersfield Town vs Brighton & Hove Albion, 09.12.17: Town players celebrate with the fans at full-time.

Wagner on... the belief growing within the squad

"This is, for sure, the case because these are the experiences you need to go into these games and - even if no one expects a result - you know, in football, everything can happen.

"We here in Huddersfield especially know that in football everything can happen after the experience we had, not only in this Premier League season, since more than two years.

"This is our belief and our trust as well.

"We try to make ourselves totally independent from everything that we are not able to influence and we try to be focused only on ourselves.

"Even if we have every respect which you have to have when you meet an opponent like Chelsea, it doesn't change that we will try our best, for sure."

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Wagner on... celebrating with the fans after the match and conduct in the tunnel

"Only if we have a reason to celebrate something!

"First of all, if you have such amazing supporters like we have, they deserve that you go to them, raise your hands and say thank you for the support they gave you.

"We don't have to think about us and how our behaviour is or should be in the future.

"The players have done everything correct so far and our supporters - and the players - enjoyed that they are able to come together to celebrate when they have something to celebrate.

"I am usually not so quick in the tunnel so there is not so much to say from my side because in our case everything we have done so far after the games was always correct - this is nothing I really have to think about longer and make my head around."

Rajiv van La Parra argues with Kyle Walker, Kevin De Bruyne and Eliaquim Mangala

Wagner on... the return of Rajiv Van La Parra

"He will be back in the squad for sure.

"If he starts this is something I have to consider, but he will be back in the squad.

"Before this suspension he played on a very high level offensively and defensively.

"He made some big steps and now he has to show that he still has this rhythm and this is something we can only find out if he plays.

"He will be for sure in our squad, but he has something to prove after what happened.

"And he has to show that he is, like I said, able to come back to his rhythm."

Wagner on... a 'moment or brilliance' settling tomorrow's clash

"I would take an ugly set piece goal as well if it settles the game in our favour.

"If it happens to be a moment of brilliance or an ugly moment which goes in our favour, for me this doesn't count - I will take anything against a team like Chelsea.

"We have to be on our absolute top performance tomorrow and we have to make sure we concentrate and focus every single second.

"We cannot give one easy chance away, we have to avoid unforced, easy errors in our build up play as well and we have to be on our top level in terms of our fighting attitude and working attitude in this game and we will see how this game works.

"Like against the other top teams, it's a little bit like a cup tie.

"As long as you are able to make it uncomfortable and as long as you are able to be in the game, if you can score the first it puts a lot of pressure on the opponent in these games.

"With our supporters on our back, this game is a totally different game if you play it here at the John Smith's Stadium - there is no doubt about it.

"This gives us a little bit more trust and belief in us and our quality because we are able to play this game at home.

"The roles are totally clear - who is the favourite in this game - and we can be happy that they are part of this game."