WEATHER permitting, the next Members' Meeting of the Town Survival Trust will take place tonight at 7.30pm at the McAlpine.

The latest situation will be posted on the trust website

We will be taking the opportunity to bring our members up to date on the latest developments in the Trust. To mark the occasion, our special guest will be Gerry Murphy.

Gerry's contribution to the wave crest we are currently riding needs no introduction and we will be delighted to be able to present our latest £1,500 donation - raised through recent Trust events - to Academy funds.

Town fans are, of course, no strangers to digging deep for the love of their club.

Within weeks of the foundation of the Trust, the heartfelt generosity of supporters had raised £120,000 to assist in the survival of the club. Of that, £10,000 was donated to the administrators almost immediately.

Without this action, office staff would have been immediately laid off. We know from their fantastic efforts in the drastically curtailed run up to this season that they are worth their weight in gold and would have been a huge loss to the smooth transition from administration.

Later, the Trust were told that without the immediate injection of £50,000 the rescue of the club could fold within hours. The money was forthcoming.

Supporters should feel proud that they played a significant part in ensuring that the name of Huddersfield Town continues to feature with distinction in the Football League.

The Trust was born of adversity. That is, of course, why we are named Survival Trust.

We are and have always been, however, a supporters trust under the umbrella of Supporters Direct. The standard constitution of supporters trusts lays down certain objectives.

These mainly concern the representation of supporters at club level, in addition to a wider community involvement. We are not unique in our aims, the majority of Premier and Nationwide League club has a supporters trust; even Rugby League clubs are beginning to join the movement.

With this in mind, and with the recent canvassing from the club, the Trust are asking for members' thoughts on the future of the £50,000-plus cash reserve that remains in trust.

The current options are:

* to hand the money to the club

* a Community Trust with `match funding' for a major project that could potentially multiply the figure tenfold.

* to put the money towards a `Shares Trust' that allows `soft loans' for members to invest in the club.

* to retain the funds for a `rainy day.'

These options will be expanded on tonight. If members have any other ideas, the Trust Board would welcome their input.

All members are welcome, with potential members able to join on the night - £10 per annum or £100 for life.

Our pledge to direct the majority of new funds to the Academy has seen a welcome influx of new members, who recognise the good work that the Trust is undertaking.

Any new member who joins on the night, or current member that fills in a standing order form for renewal, will receive a free Trust T shirt. A raffle for Denis Law's signed and dedicated book is also a good reason to attend. We hope to see you there and that's snow joke. Oh dear.