DELIGHTED McAlpine chief Ken Davy believes the closer links between the town's two professional clubs has made a significant contribution to their current success.

Town entertain Southend on Saturday (3.00) determined to keep their Third Division promotion bid on track, while the Super League Giants are preparing for a first Challenge Cup semi-final appearance in 33 years.

That's created a massive feelgood factor throughout the McAlpine, and Mr Davy - the Giants chairman and owner of Town - believes that hasn't happened by chance.

"We are already seeing the benefits of our closer links, and it's fantastic that both clubs are prospering," said Mr Davy.

"Both clubs benefit from the success of each other in terms of increased support and the pooling of certain resources.

"It wouldn't be wrong to steal the Three Musketeers' catchphrase of `one for all and all for one'. The stronger we work as individuals, the stronger we will be together.

"The two clubs have been able to move forward by combining their strengths and working together wherever possible as they each strive to achieve their objectives.

"It is still early in the relationship, but there has already been a pooling of certain back-office resources.

"We've already seen a concrete example of this with the development of the stadium superstore, which was absolutely a joint venture and has benefited both sets of supporters.

"The current success of the two clubs hasn't been by chance, it's been through a lot of individuals working together towards one goal.

"That goal has been to restore sporting pride to Huddersfield and we believe we are achieving that goal.

"It is, however, important to stress that the financial resources of the coaches are completely separate.

"In no sense will one club subsidise the other. It's all about expanding success and the support of the two great sporting clubs in the town."

Success on the field has been mirrored off it, with Jon Sharp following up Peter Jackson's Manager of the Month award for March by landing the first Tetley's Super League Coach of the Month award.

Mr Davy was at the McAlpine yesterday as tickets for the Giants' Challenge Cup semi-final clash against St Helens at Warrington on Sunday, April 25 (3.15) went on sale to season-ticket holders only.

And Mr Davy admits it was an occasion that filled him with pride.

"First, I heard Jon had been named Coach of the Month and then I saw the big queue for tickets. Fantastic," he added. "Even though the weather was appalling, the enthusaism of the queueing fans was terrific."