WILL Jon Worthington be fined for his sending off against Leeds?

Phil, Almondbury

NO. We do operate a system of fines for yellow and red cards, but only when we believe they are merited, which we don’t think Jon’s was.

Having seen the incident live then again on the recording, there was a clear push by a defending player, Frazer Richardson, on Jon, who couldn’t avoid his collision with the goalkeeper, Casper Ankergren.

Then the big centre-back Lubomir Michalik, who hadn’t been involved in the phase of play, came up and stuck his head straight in Jon’s face.

In my view, our player was the innocent party.

I think the referee got both Jon’s sending off, and that of Leeds’ Jonathon Douglas, wrong.

The disappointing thing is that both clubs will now be missing key players for tomorrow’s matches.

I can’t speak for Douglas, but I know that will hurt Jon as much as any fine.

I SEE you have been on the panel to interview the managerial applicants. Have you been impressed by the quality and what particular credentials are you looking for in the new man?

Don, Holmfirth

THE interviews have been an interesting experience for me, and we’ve seen some experienced people.

There have been four so far, and we are due to see two more before narrowing it down to a final two or three-strong shortlist.

I have been asked to help out in the initial interviewing phase, then second interviews will be carried out, probably next week.

The board will then decide if we have who we believe is the right man to take the club forward.

That’s a key phrase, because if the board aren’t convinced the right man is there, they could widen the search.

The people we’ve seen so far have all been impressive, and they’ve all shown great enthusiasm for getting the job, but then you would expect that during an interview.

We need enthusiasm, but also required is passion, commitment and a good work ethic.

Whoever comes in must be willing to work to whatever budget is set down, and they must also embrace our youth structure, because we see ourselves as a club who develop players as well as bringing them in from elsewhere.

Ideally, the new manager will be in place before the end of the season, because there are obvious advantages with that in terms of assessing players (both in and out of contract).

But the process won’t be rushed, because as I’ve said, it’s crucial to get a man who can take this club forward.

Whoever does come in is getting a great job, because we have some great players here and the club is poised to take off.

I THOUGHT Michael Collins was outstanding against Leeds. What is your view?

Heather, Marsh

I AGREE. At times this season, Michael (left) has found the going tough, but he’s now showing what he’s capable of.

He’s got great vision and awareness, he passes the ball well and he has good energy as well as a football brain.

I am convinced Michael has the ability to play at a higher level, and hopefully it will be as a Huddersfield Town player.

I know he enjoys the role he is currently playing in, that is as an attacking midfielder as part of a central three, and having seen him come through the academy, I know he is the kind of lad who thrives when he knows the management have confidence in him, which we have.

The one thing he could do with adding to his repertoire is a few more goals, and wasn’t he unlucky not to get one against Leeds with that great shot which hit the bar?