Huddersfield Town supporters are set to take legal advice over a Football League ruling which has denied fans compensation over the abandonment of the game at Blackpool.

The Football League tonight revealed the verdict of a three-man Football Disciplinary Commission (FDC) into the Blackpool debacle on the final day of last season.

Home supporters staged a pitch invasion in protest at club chairman Karl Oyston and the game had to be called off.

See pictures from the abandoned match below.

Huddersfield Town fans, many of whom look forward to a trip to the seaside resort every season, were left heavily out of pocket and demanded compensation.

Tonight the Football League issued a brief statement saying Blackpool would be deducted three points, suspended for two seasons, for failing to fulfil the Championship fixture.

But a request for compensation “of equivalent value to the club’s gate receipts from away ticket sales” – some £50,000 – was rejected.

The statement added: “The FDC ruled that the game’s abandonment affected law-abiding supporters of both clubs equally.

“It would therefore be unfair to favour the interests of one group of supporters over the other.”

Town supporters were furious over the verdict which left Huddersfield Town Supporters’ Association considering taking legal advice.

Association chairman Steve King said: “I am livid over this. We won’t be taking this lying down especially when the Football League didn’t give us the opportunity to re-play the game.

“What does this say to the honest and genuine football fan? It makes me sick to the stomach.”

Mr King said didn’t know where they could take the matter next but would consider taking legal advice to discover their options.

Last week the Football Association hit relegated Blackpool with a £50,000 fine and a warning over their future conduct for a charge of failing to control their fans.

The referee called a halt after fans stormed onto the pitch three minutes into the second half with the match still goalless.

Police have since arrested five fans following an investigation into what happened.

Mr King added: “I didn’t expect full compensation but I expected something.”

Mr King wants to know whether the authorities and the clubs knew about plans for the pitch invasion beforehand but his request for e-mails under Freedom of Information have been refused due to the on-going police investigation.

Fans protest before the Blackpool v Huddersfield Sky Bet Championship match.

Town chief executive Nigel Clibbens said the club was “extremely disappointed” and added: “Throughout the disciplinary processes of both the FA and the Football League over the last two months, Huddersfield Town’s main focus has been its supporters and doing its upmost to fight on Town fans’ behalf to ensure those who paid over money to Blackpool in good faith to watch the final game of last season were properly and fairly treated. This simply meant they got their money back.

“The club made its feelings and position clear on that subject straight after the game to the Football League, then to the Football Association and then again to the Football Disciplinary Commission in its representations in support of the Football League’s application.

“This outcome means that our supporters, who were entirely innocent in the abandonment of the game and behaved impeccably despite attempts to encourage them to join in, have now been hit thanks to circumstances entirely out of their control.

“In the club’s opinion, Huddersfield Town fans have been treated really poorly and that is not right.

Fans protest before the Blackpool v Huddersfield Sky Bet Championship match.

“I’m sure many fans will find it somewhat absurd to firstly say the game’s abandonment did affect law-abiding fans, including Town supporters; go onto say both sets of fans need to be treated the same and then to fail to address the impact on either set of fans.

“It is cruelly ironic that the amount Town fans paid to Blackpool for tickets is broadly the same amount as Blackpool must also pay to the FA as a fine from its earlier hearing.

“So whilst our fans are left out of pocket, the £50,000 they could and should have had returned to them, will be going instead to the FA.

“Coming more than two months after the abandonment, it’s a real kick in the teeth for our fans who have waited patiently and for the Club and will do nothing for the reputation and credibility of the football authorities in the eyes of supporters.

“We will speak to the Football League again once the detailed findings of the FDC are available but, as things stand, it looks like the real losers in this are Huddersfield Town fans.”