THERE’S a prize fund of £600 on offer in Sunday’s Griffin Rosebowl final.

Sponsors Lockwood & Salford Conservative Club expect a cracking final, for which Yorkshire county bowler Jack Dyson is the 6/4 favourite.

He will have to work hard for the honours, however, as he is up against 2/1 second favourite Steve Hirst in his first match.

The final eight have plenty of experience and quality about them and the competition (11.00) is sure to be entertaining.

Draw (with odds in brackets): Mark Sykes (8) v Mark Richardson (12), Frank Greenwood (10) v Gary Siswick (6), Steve Hirst (2) v Jack Dyson (6/4), Tony Marren (9) v Mark Wood (9).

Paul Ingleby played a superb match to push Dyson all the way in qualifying, going down 31-29 in a terrific match-up.

Prelim – Peter Hopkinson 21 Steve Hirst 31, Ronnie Wormald 31 Ray Whitwam 11, Alan Crowther 31 Gerald Sykes 15.

First round – Jack Dyson 31 Chris Davies 19, George Fellows 20 Paul Ingleby 31, Dave Scott 31 Steve Parkin 18, Terry Brook 10 Gary Siswick 31, Tony Marren 31 Alec Byrnes 18, Roy Sutton 31 Danny Fountain 14, Duncan Reeves 28 Hirst 31, Wormald 31 Crowther 26.

Qualifying round – Dyson 31 Ingleby 29, Scott 23 Siswick 31, Marren 31 Sutton 25, Hirst 31 Wormald 26.

In the Saturday Sixteen, Alan Crowther proved top of the crop with a 21-19 victory over Paul Ingleby in the final.

Crowther beat Tony Marren to 16 in his semi-final, while new Griffin member Terry Brook had an excellent introduction by reaching the last four and only just losing to Ingleby (who won the first Sixteen of the season).

At the last end in the final, Crowther, on 20, played his second bowl which ended up just behind the jack, leaving Ingleby no option but to strike.

A successful strike hit the jack full in the face, which smashed into Crowther’s bowl. Ingleby’s bowl went flying to the left, Crowther’s slightly to the right and the jack followed through – leaving Crowther on to win.

First round – Tony Marren 21 Duncan Reeves 19, Dennis Tattersley 21 Graham Tandy 18, Roy Sutton 21 Ray Whitwam 16, Alan Crowther 21 Trevor Holmes 13, Mark Wood 17 Barry Tinker 21, Peter Hopkinson 9 Terry Brook 21, Frank Greenwood 7 Paul Ingleby 21, Steve Parkin 15 Mark Richardson 21.

Quarter-finals – Marren 21 Tattersley 19, Sutton 18 Crowther 21, Tinker 19 Brook 21, Ingleby 21 Richardson 20.

Semi-finals – Marren 16 Crowther 21, Brook 20 Ingleby 21.

Final – Crowther 21 Ingleby 19.