ANGELA HORNER won the competition which brought down the curtain on the first Bowling for Beginners course at Paddock IC.

It proved an enjoyable event and the trophy was donated and presented by John Townend, captain of the men’s team at the club.

Cath Townend, Chairwoman of the Huddersfield Ladies Bowling League, visited and spoke a few words to those who took part.

Seventeen people attended the course, some going on to play in teams around Huddersfield and some taking up the game only socially.

One of the organisers, Diane Firth, said: “We have had positive feedback from the attendees, and it appears the course has been a success. We hope that more clubs will look to the future and follow our example to encourage other people into the sport.

“At Paddock, we fully intend to do this again at a later date.”

The course was run by Mirfield ‘A’ section bowlers D Firth, T Singleton, J Bolt, J Griffiths and M Roberts.