BROAD OAK’S Fern Beaumont won the Hemplow Under 14 Enhancement competition, coming out top in a field of 26.

Supporters were treated to some great displays of bowling from the younger end of the junior league players, with Beaumont taking the final 15-6 against Jessica Sykes.

The quarter-finals produced some terrific tussles.

Brad Meadows beat Jonny Oakes 15-10 while Beaumont won a wonderful match with Katie Hemingway 15-14.

In the other half of the draw, Alex Haigh just lost out to Sykes, 15-12, while Lucy Hemingway won a tough game against Aimee Holmes, 15-13. The semi finals were equally close with Beaumont beating Meadows 15-12 and Sykes beating Hemingway 15-13.

Margaret Kewley presented winner Beaumont with the trophy.

Best boy was Charlie Jakeman and Best girl Lucy Hemingway. They received prizes from young Holly Sykes.Š