LOCKWOOD CON are favourites to retain the Premier Cup in the KP Motors Colne Valley League with only two matches left to play.

There is a three horse race in the Hamilton Cup with Thorpe Green, Hemplow BC and Linthwaite Hall fighting for promotion to the top division.

In the Radley Cup, Newsome WMC look set to win some silverware, with Lockwood Con B and Lowerhouses contesting the other promotion place.

Milnsbridge Lib and Slaithwaite CBC B look strong contenders for promotion in the Shaw Cup.

Honours for the Hanson Cup are up for grabs with Marsh Lib, Marsden Park, Canalside Sports B and outsiders Broad Oak BC B the main contenders.

Premier – Milnsbridge BC 7 Slaithwaite C&BC 3, Lockwood Con 8 Golcar Lib 2, Longwood BC 4 Canalside 'A' 6, Crosland Moor 6 Waterloo BC 4.

Hamilton – Broad Oak BC 8 Linthwaite Hall 2, Thorpe Green SSC 6 Linthwaite CBC 4, Hemplow BC 8 Meltham BC 2.

Radley – Longwood BC B 3 Bradley & Colne 7, Waterloo BC B 3 Lowerhouses 7, Lockwood Con B 3 Newsome WMC 7.

Shaw – Grange Moor 3 Marsh Utd 7, Slaithwaite CBC B 9 HRUFC BC 1, Milnsbridge Lib 7 Almondbury Lib 3, Hemplow BC B 7 Golcar CAC 3.

Hanson – Dalton BC 3 Skelmanthorpe 7, Lindley BC 2 Marsden Park 8, Hemplow BC C 4 Marsh Lib 6, Canalside Spts B 8 Broad Oak BC B 2.