ALAN CROWTHER triumphed in the first bowling final of the summer crown green season – which featured a snowfall!

Crowther, of host club Longwood, beat Crosland Moor’s Mark Atkinson 21-12 in the final of the Colne Valley Bowling League’s Vic Sugden Handicap.

Alan, who is secretary of the Colne Valley League, was the man in form to overcome his young opponent and lift the trophy in the Longwood BC-staged final.

First round: J Senior 21 R Crowther 12, T Holmes 21 J Dyson 18, R Harper 14 A Crowther 21, M Taylor 9 J Hatzer 21, M McCluskey 21 R Sutton 20, M Atkinson 21 T Allen 9, C Davies 20 M Wood 21, G McMahon 21 T Randerson 18.

Second round: Senior 21 Holmes 12, A Crowther 21 Hatzer 18, McCluskey 9 Atkinson 21, Wood 21 McMahon 7.

Semi-finals: J Senior 18 A Crowther 21, M Atkinson 21 Wood 17.

Final: Crowther 21 Atkinson 12.

Longwood Bowling Club had a tough opening start to their Manchester Premier League campaign losing 12-4 against against reigning British team champions Budenburgs.

The Dodlee Lane-based club had one winner in the first four, and managed only one winner in the second four before David Walkden and Richard Mozley won comfortably to make the scoreline look a bit more respectable.

Lower Hopton had two winners at Stockport-based Nursery and lost 11-3.

Tonight, Longwood travel to Sale XL, while Lower Hopton host last year’s champions Tonge.

Longwood names first: D Beeby 8 S Mort 21, F Greenwood 11 G Telford 21, I Briggs 9 A Cairns 21, R Crowther 21 M Telford 14, S Gilroy 14 P Bailey 21, R Sutton 15 C Morrison 21, M Bramall 7 N Jenkinson 21, R Whitwam 21 A Burtles 12, R Mozley 21 A Morrison 8, D Walkden 21 G Soller 11.