THE draws for the Mirfield Old Bank WMC Open Double, with a prize of £1,300 for the winner, are:

July 25: D and S Fisher (Morton House) v N Webster and J Spinks (Alverthorpe), P Jaques and N Roper (Pudsey) v C Hill and D Sillitoe (Sheffield).

July 28: L Griffin and J Edmondson (Pudsey) v P Bowes and M Fulton (Pudsey), P Holroyd and M Regan (Sowerby Bridge) v M Crawshaw and S Lonnia (Sheffield).

August 1: S Walder and H Seehra (Spen Vic) v J Copeland and partner (Chadderton), D Pitchforth and J Davison (Sandal) v T and J Hanson (Pudsey).

August 4: T Johnstone and A Heeps (Poynton) v P Fielding and R Goodman (Rochdale), T and C Heyes (Hyde) v GI Wilson and R Hitchen (Lower Hopton).

August 8: P and J Bailey (Sheffield/North Wales) v R Cochrane and M Leach (Kirkham), M Fleming and P Wilson (Preston) v M Sweeney and A Tattersley (Morton House).

August 11: A Mailer and M Beever (Sheffield) v D Reeves and M Leach (Kirkham), I Booth and G Gwilliam (Lower Hopton/Manchester) v A Spragg and C MacDonald (Chesterfield/Macclesfield).

August 15: P Tomlinson and A Whitaker (Sheffeild) v M Gillies and D Watters (Bolton/Preston), M Kelly-Whalley and D Smith (Burton) v R Crowther and P Ingleby (Huddersfield).

August 18: M Robinson and D Copeland (Liversedge/Oldham) v C Mordue and P Jagger (Brighouse/Spen Vic), M Gilmore and R Hall (Wirral) v D Griffiths and A Buckley (Chadderton).

August 22: J Senior and N White (Sheffield) v J Parker and T King (Blackpool), A White and N Burrows (Manchester) v C Kelly and R Clark (Sheffield).

August 25: C Ward and G Hawkins (Stafford) v R Fitzpatrick and D McDermott (Wirral), A Daykin and partner (Huudersfield) v M and D Ferris (Leek).

August 29: D Plenderleith and I Nicholson (Tamworth/Kendal) v P and J Wilcox (Crossgates), D Clarkson and M Gilpin (Lancaster)v S Copeland and A Hodson (Manchester).

Septemeber 1: B Hill and D Spragg (Chesterfield) v D Scott and J Dyson (Silsden/Huddersfield), G Smith and partner (Lower Hopton) v A Cairns and S Mort (Rossendale/Wigan).

September 5: R and G Nicholson (Lower Hopton) v W Ditchfield and J Grimston (Chorley), G Ellis and C Brown (Whitefield/Sheffield) v S Pinfield and G Higgins (Lower Hopton).

September 8: S Goodwin and C Armitage (Warrington) v D Barwise and P Lee (Liverpool), P Dudley and J Derby (Radcliffe) v R Crowther and P Senior (Soen Vic).

September 12: J Clarke and G Ainley (Sheffield) v G Hickey and P Firth (Lower Hopton), W Burlinson and K Wainwright (Warrington) v C Gant and partner (Huddersfield).

September 15: C Bebbington and J Taylor (Warrington) v L Lawton and C Barker (Failsworth/Stafford), B Kirk and A Ferris (Stoke) v A Riley and partner (Brighouse).

Semi-finals and finals to be played on Monday, October 3 (start 7pm).