THERE’S a strong field of 16 for the Huddersfield Ladies Bowling League Merit final at Waterloo BC on Sunday (1.00).

The Examiner sponsored event will be tightly contested (it’s 1.15 scratching and then when called).

Draw: Marie Lockwood v Lyn Carter, Karen Rausse v Dawn Jessop, Diane Radcliffe v Hayley Abbott, Bridie Buckley v Shirley Dillingham, Cath Townend v Pauline Wilde, Barbara Johnstone v Linda Gledhill, Susan Armitage v Jean Gee, Jenny Kaye v Ann Hinchliffe.

Draw for the Olive Parr Pairs (drawn 1.30 prompt at each green).

Newsome WMC – B Berry and C Milnes, P Hampshire and P Barr, J Gee and K Whitefoot, E Smith and P McDonagh, B Bentley and P Dennett, A Buckley and L Middleton, J McDonagh and R Abbott, C Mizon and A Vickers, P Wilde and S Gibson, C Townend and S Bruce, J Buchan and J Naylor, J Kaye and M Brook, B Thewlis and J Muff, N Wood and R Byram, B Gartside and S Dillingham, S Gibson and H Abbott.

Shepley BC – V Foster and B Peacock, B Johnstone and E Johnson, S Green and K Durrans, M Lockwood and F Beaumont, K Rausse and K Atkinson, B Buckley and S Harper, J Sykes and M Beaumont, S Winterburn and J Thompson, E Lunn and A Rose, L Gledhill and C Harpin, P Armitage and M Golden, A Hinchliffe and A Jennings, M Nicholson and A Smith, C Kaye and L Carter, I Crowther and S Livesey, A Myers and J Graham, H Easingwood and D Easingwood, S Joyce and B Hirst.

The Huddersfield Ladies Afternoon League Merit final will be held next Wednesday, July 13, at Longwood BC (12.45).

Draw: B Toon (Waterloo) v L Gledhill (Marsh U), E Bell (New Mill) v S Ladbrooke (Paddock CBC), J Wrigley (Broad Oak) v A Rose (Almondbury BC), M Nicholson (Meltham) v A Earnshaw (Kirkheaton CBC), E Lunn (Almondbury BC) v C Dawson (Broad Oak), G Iredale (Cowcliffe) v L Drury (Almondbury Lib), A Vickers (Outlane) v A Bennett (Meltham), J Gee (Marsh U) v M Cooper (Marsh Lib).

ANN HAYES of Sowerby West End won the Elland Bowling Association’s Ladies Handicap, sponsored by Doreen Holden at Hipperholme.

She beat Elland League president Wendy Smith (Marsh Lib) 21-16.