ROBERT ARMITAGE and current Open Snooker champion Robert Read have been kept apart in this year’s semi-finals.

The 2002-03 winner Armitage, from Marsh Liberal Club, will meet another former champion Mick Stocks (95-96), from the Police Sports, in the first semi-final tomorrow at Golcar Con.

Meanwhile, holder Read will tackle his friend and Lindley WMC teammate Mohammed Naeem at Marsh Lib on Sunday, April 20.

The full list of draws for the closing stages of all Huddersfield’s knockout competitions are:


R Armitage (Marsh Lib) v M Stocks (Police), at Golcar Con, on Thursday, April 10, ref Jason McMahon.

M Naeem (Lindley WMC) v R Read (Lindley WMC), at Marsh Lib, on Sunday, April 20, 7.30pm, ref Joe Burnand.


C Bullock (2) (Crosland Moor Con) v I Newby (2) (Lower Hopton), at Synenta, on Wednesday, April 9, 7.30pm, ref Joe Burnand.


R Read and A Boothroyd (Lindley WMC) v P Joyce and M Naeem (Lindley WMC), at Springwood BC on Wednesday, April 16, 7.30pm, ref Phil Brooke.

R Armitage and T Clegg (Marsh Lib) v D Bottomley and C Keegan (Syngenta), at Moldgreen Con, on Monday, April 21, 7.30pm, ref Hayden Corbett.

snooker three player team kosemi-finals

Golcar Con B v Milnsbridge Soc A at Broad Oak BC on Saturday, April 12, 7.30pm, ref Jason McMahon.

Lower Hopton A v Meltham Con B, ref Cath Lawson.

billiards championship(500 up)semi-fials

R Armitage (Marsh Lib) v B Cousen (Lindley Lib) at Broad Oak BC on Wednesday, April 23, 7.30pm, ref Steve Whiteley.

J Hodge (Broad Oak) v T Clegg (Springwood BC), at Lindley Lib, on Tuesday, April 22, 7.30pm, ref Tony Eke.

billiards handicap(200 up)semi-finalists

P Atkinson (110) (New Mill), J Dyson (90) (Brockholes BC), P Shaw (90) (Meltham Lib), S Whiteley (owes 40) (New Mill), at Newsome WMC, on Tuesday, May 6, 7.30pm, ref: Paul Rayner.

billiards 3-player team kosemi-finals

New Mill B v Springwood BC A, at New Mill.

Brockholes BC A v Springwood BC B, on Friday, April 11, 7.30pm.

Final to be arranged.

vets snooker handicap(best of three frames)final

F Griffin (owes 20) (Moldgreen Lib) v B Cousen or R Sutton, at Syngenta on Monday, April 28, 1.30pm.

vets snooker 3-PLAYER TEAM KO

Winners: Marsh U A. Runners-up: Turnbridge WMC A.

junior snooker championship(best of three frames)semi-finalists

A Hirst (Hillhouse and Birkby), D Kirrane (Paddock CBC), M Atkinson (Crosland Moor Con), J Dyson (Brockholes BC), at Top Spot Club on Sunday, April 27, 11.00am.

ladies snooker championship(best of three frames)Semi-finals

L Vernon (Hillhouse and Birkby) v Z Wilson (Moldgreen Con).

A Roberts (Milnsbridge Soc) v C Lawson (Milnsbridge Soc), at Milnsbridge Soc on Monday, April 14, 7.30pm.

Andy Battye and Steve Whiteley will contest the final of the Holme Valley Snooker Championship on Friday, at Springwood Bowling Club (7.00).

The final, is the best of seven frames, with both players off scratch.