NEW MILL rider Gabriel Cullaigh (RST) was in exciting form at the Manchester Regional Track League meeting.

In the 40-lap scratch he was part of the early pace setting group of six riders who kept the pressure on the rest of the field.

With three laps to go Cullaigh launched a blistering attack and stayed 100 metres ahead of the peloton until Alistair Rutherford (Maxgear) bridged the gap and nudged him into second place on the line.

In the 50-lap points race again Cullaigh was in the thick of the action with the same group of riders setting the pace and launching punishing attacks.

With just five laps to go the group set offŠand worked together to take a lap from the field in the final lap and he finished fourth overall.

Cullaigh was less fortunate in the Devil, going out early in proceedings, but in the 64-lap scratch race he rode aggressively and intelligently, staying with the pace-setting group to finish eighth with an average time of almost 31 mph.