HOLDER Sandra Paul is the first lady out in the Huddersfield, Halifax District Ladies Championship qualifying on Monday at Crosland Heath.

The Huddersfield golfer will be partnered by the host club’s Rochelle Morris – whom she played in the final last year – as 32 ladies chase a place in the Matchplay stages, which take place through to Wednesday.

The draw and start times for the Festival competitions:


9.00–R Morris (CH), S Paul (H).

9.08–M Lockett (H), H Holden (L).

9.16–M Ludi (H), A Taylor (WH).

9.24–M Wood (H), E Taylor (WH).

9.32–L Whitwam (H), H Taylor (CH).

9.40–H Richardson (H), P Hazelden (Mel).

9.48–S Arrowsmith (WH), A Robinson (CH).

9.56–S Harling (H), K Morley (CH).

10.04–B Parker (H), P Smith (Mel).

10.12–G Holden (L), D Sutcliffe (CH).

10.20–A Mandl (H), M Haigh (CH).

10.28–L Smith (H), T Jeffries (H).

10.36–V McAllister (CH), W Walker (CH).

10.44–W Linley (CH), L Land (CH).

10.52–J Elam (H), M Duffield (CH).

11.00–A N Other, H Langhorn (WE).


9.50–B Todd, E Booth, M Blanchard (LP).

10.00–A Day, E Peel, R Bradford (O).

10.10–M Hellowell, B Nellis, A N Other (BH).

10.20–P Walton, R Lumb, P Blogg (Mel).

10.30–S Binns, K Brundell, J Smith (CNP).

10.40–C Mansfield, E Sheard, B Heaton (WH).

10.50–J Rajjayabun, H Cawdry (L), V Gothard (H).

11.00–D Sykes, R Bottomley, A Woodhead (CH).

11.10–R Button, J Higson, J Stimpson (WE).

11.20–J Prescott, T Prior, M Ridgeway (Mel).

11.30–S Hanson, V Goggs, N Lightowlers (CH).

11.40–J Haigh, C Pratt, M Smith (WH).

11.50–S Terry, G Wharton, J Thomson (Og).

12.00–E Wheelwright, J Taylor, J Jones (BH).

12.10–K Roche, J Tasker, E Schofield (Mel).

12.20–S Wickens, A Martin, L Mallinson (L).

12.30–S Horsfall, J Armitage, S Kaye (CH).

12.40–C Walker, C Ward, J White (Mel).

2.10–S Guest, M Shaw, C Broadbent (Mel).

2.20–C Blackburn, E Exley, C Booth (WH).

2.30–J Saunders, O Douglas, J Wilkinson (Og).

2.40–W Stott, L Easton, C Hirst (O).

2.50–M Blakeley, G McLelland, S Turner (WH).

3.00–M Shawley, G Barker, K Helm (Mel).

3.10–S Abson, J Richardson, W Smith (Og).

3.20–H Dukes, B Ansell, L Castle (Mel).


9.10–H Taylor, M Haigh (CH) and B Todd, M Blanchard (LP).

9.20–M Duffield, L Land (CH) and M Shawley, G Parker (Mel).

9.30–R James, C Baxter (Mel) and J Evans, M Mellor (E).

9.40–W Linley, V McAllister (CH) and H Turner, L Cooper (WH).

9.50–M Bottomore, B Ansell (Mel) and L Whitwam, J Macgill (H).

10.00–W Walker, J Vickerman (CH) and J Rajjayabun, H Cawdry (L).

10.10–A Campbell, B Heaton (WH) and S Harling, B Parker (H).

10.20–E Bailey, E Wheelwright (BH and, S Terry, G Wharton (Og).

10.30–P Smith, P Hazelden (Mel) and M Devey, P Couttie (H).

10.40–L Murgatroyd, J Higson (WE) and W Smith, M Porter (Og).

10.50–S Kaye, J Newell (CH) and L Smith, K Daborn (H).

11.00–K Hitchcock, J Longbottom (CNP) and M Smith, M Guest (WH).

11.10–J White, T Prior (Mel) and R Button, J Stimpson (WE).

11.20–K Roche, E Schofield (Mel) and J Armitage, B Horsfall (CH).

11.30–C Mansfield, J Lee (WH) and M Shaw, J Jones (Mel).

11.40–M Hellowell, B Nellis (BH) and C Walker, S Couch (Mel).

11.50–T Ward, S Duckworth (E) and D Lindley, J Dalton (Mel).

12.00–J Prescott (Mel), R Cleave (WH) and V Gotthard, M Gotthard (H).

12.10–C Hampson, B Horrocks (CNP) and R Horsfall, M Green (H).