HUDDERSFIELD Falcon Club rider William Wood showed a never-say-die spirit as he notched victory in the West Leeds Motor Club’s annual Nu Texa Trophy Trial event at Cawder Hall Farm.

While he was the Clubman adult class winner, Barnsley-based Wood did not take to the obstacles on the course at all in the first section and dropped points.

However, he came back in style and he was in control in the next three sections with total cleans on courses that were all slippery.

He won the clubman class from South Elmsall contender Peter Field and fellow Falcon member Ian Haigh.

West Witton teenager Richard Sadler showed his abilities as he lost just a single mark during his winning ride in the Expert class.

The apprentice joiner rode his MRS Sherco masterfully through a tough course to head fellow Richmond Motor Club member Gavin Lowther by 11 penalties.

Third place went to Flockton rider, and course planner, Nigel Crowther.

Ben Robinson, one of the Falcon’s trio with Wood and Haigh, scored 13 championship points in the West Yorkshire championship series.

Only 40 riders took part in the trial which was a scoring round in the Championship series.

With heavy rain falling Denis Pitts, John Kershaw and Nigel Crowther opted to confine the first eight sections in the deep ravine under a blanket of trees.

Haigh saw his hopes take a knock at the third and the Falcon rider lost his chance of the clubman class victory.

Results: Championship course-adults, Expert: Richard Sadler (MRS Sherco) 1; Inters: 1 Gavin Lowther (Gas Gas) 12, 2 Nigel Crowther (Gas Gas) 33, 3 Stephen Suddes (Montesa) 36; Novices: 1 Philip Armstrong (Beta) 37, 2 Richard Mellon (Gas Gas) 38, 3 Joe Jennings (Gas Gas) 39; Youths: 1 Rob Waite 12, 2 Sam Yeadon 22. (All Beta); Clubman course, Adults: 1 William Wood (Beta) 25, 2 Peter Field (Sherco) 29, 3 Ian Haigh (Beta) 32; Youths; 1 Sam Johnson (Beta) 29, 2 Thomas Housecroft (Beta) 48, 3 Nathan Major (Gas Gas).