AFTER the last few weeks, this game has to be seen as taking a step back in the right direction.

But, obviously, we're not entirely happy, because we came down to the capital looking to collect the two Super League points.

There were a number of reasons why we didn't, and we were a bit annoyed with a couple of the crucial calls which went against us and ultimately cost us the game.

But there's no point dwelling on the negative.

Let's all focus on the positives, because there were plenty of them.

First of all, our defence, which has looked so shaky over the past few weeks, looked far stronger.

We spent most of last week working on this area of the game, and it looked as if it's paying off.

Obviously, you can't get back to your very best overnight, but the signs did look more encouraging.

We all know how effective we can be on attack, although the loss of a player like Chris Thorman for six weeks is not exactly what we need right now.

Losing any good player hits a team hard, but when it's your captain and playmaker it makes it so much harder.

When this happens, it's up to the rest of the players in the team to step forward and take the responsibility.

So, step forward, our stand-in captain Brad Drew.

And wasn't he absolutely magnificent.

We saw on Saturday what a world-class hooker he is, and to say he led the team by example would be a complete understatement.

Even though he's one of the smallest members of the team, we all get frightened of him when he gets pumped up.

He's like a little Yorkshire terrier snapping away at you, and when he's in that mood it's best to do what he says.

But Brad wasn't the only one to successfully step up to the mark.

I thought Paul March was awesome at stand-off and caused the Quins defence a lot of problems.

And it was great to see young Thomas Hemingway given his chance.

Tom is a very good kid who I know can go on to have a very successful career.

He's very strong for his age and his size, and I'm very impressed with his attitude.

He only had a brief spell on the field at the weekend, but I'm sure he will have benefited significantly.