UNDER-FIRE Chris Thorman believes the Giants will emerge a stronger force on the back of the growing criticism of his side’s Super League performances.

The Huddersfield skipper and his teammates were booed off the field by a section of supporters after Saturday’s 18-16 home defeat to Wakefield.

The fans were also on the back of several players, including Thorman, during the game as the Giants slumped to a second successive home defeat.

But the 27-year-old believes the squad have what it takes to respond positively to the criticism.

“I would be lying if I said this criticism didn’t have an effect on us,” said Thorman, pictured right. “Personally, I find it disappointing, and so do the rest of the boys.

“We’ve got some fantastic and very loyal supporters and they are obviously entitled to their opinions, because they pay good money to come and watch us.

“I know copping the flak is part and parcel of being a professional player, but it does hurt, especially as we put in so much work during the week striving to win every game we play.

“But I know we have the players in this squad who are mentally tough enough to deal with this, and that it will make us all stronger. It has brought us closer together.”