HI, it’s Eorl here, and feeling happier than ever!

The mood around the Giants couldn’t be better, and it’s become even brighter with the addition of a familiar face.

Scotty Moore made a big impact when he was with us in 2009, and it took him 10 seconds to make an impact with us the second time around. That’s how long it’s taken him to be ‘Helmet of the Week’!

The unfortunate Scotty was re-introduced to us on Monday when we were all having lunch together.

Bold as brass, Scotty walked straight in to see us and declared ‘If this is the Tuesday Club, you can count me in!’

He seriously did think it was Tuesday, not Monday, which is the sort of thing you expect from someone like Scott Moore (inset). His random statements do sometimes have to be heard to be believed.

But it was just a great way to herald Scotty’s return to the Giants, and a sign that in the couple of years he’s been away he’s not changed in the least – thankfully.

He’s the sort of individual who always manages to put a smile on your face, whether he means it or not, and you need characters like that around a club.

But he’s also not a bad player, either.

He made a great impression on me back in 2009, because he is so skilful and also very fit and strong.

That’s probably why Browny was so keen to bring him back as quickly as possible, because they worked so well together.

But it’s just such a massive shame his arrival has signalled the departure on loan to Leeds of Shaun Lunt, who’s another colourful character.

In an ideal world, we’d have liked Lunty to have stayed, but we’re all sure the move will help him get back playing on a regular basis.

The problem for Lunty was that Luke Robinson’s tremendous form made it impossible for him to get into the side.

Had we not been playing so well and not rattling up the wins, then I’m sure Lunty would have featured a lot more for us.

So now Scotty Moore faces a similar challenge.

Yes, Browny may know all about him and what he can do, but he’s already well aware that walking straight into our side is something no-one can take for granted.

ON a more serious note, I was given a sneak look-around the new Forget-Me-Not Children’s Hospice at Brackenhall the other day in my role as an ambassador for the charity.

It’s an absolutely fantastic facility and has obviously been designed to make the stay for children and their families as comfortable as possible.

As a charity ambassador I was proud to see what the hospice has to offer ahead of its official opening, which we hope isn’t going to be that far away.

Not surprisingly, the hospice took millions to build, but it’ll cost well over £2m a year to remain open, which is obviously an awful lot of money.

Now, I don’t like to throw my weight around off the field, but when it comes to helping raise the cash and the profile of the hospice, I may make an exception.

You have be warned!