HUDDERSFIELD Giants conditioning chief Greg Brown has confirmed next season’s Super League squad will be bigger than ever.

And he has the facts to prove it!

Former University of Huddersfield student Brown has spent the past six years around the senior squad.

In that time as rehabilitation guru and now head of strength and conditioning, Brown has seen the Giants grow and grow.

He admits they were big over the past few seasons, but this time he’s got the statistics to show they’ll be even bigger in 2013.

The Huddersfield forwards were already of an impressive stature, with Super League’s biggest prop Eorl Crabtree weighing in at 115kg and standing at a gigantic 6ft 6in, while Larne Patrick came in at 6ft and 104kg, Jason Chan 5ft 11in and 103, and the powerful former Australia forward Luke O’Donnell standing at 6ft 1in and weighing in at 101kg.

But with the recruitment of Stuart Fielden, Craig Kopczak, Anthony Mullally, Brett Ferres, Ukuma Ta’ai and youngsters Nathan Mason and Peter Aspinall, the Giants not only appear to have a more aggressive look, but will be the heaviest and biggest pack in Giants history.

Wales skipper Kopczak, who stands at a ‘giant’ 6ft 4in and weighs 112kg will potentially line up alongside the 6ft 5in, 111kg man mountain that is Mullally.

On top of that, former Great Britain prop Fielden is 104kg of pure muscle and 6ft 3in tall, while coming in at 106kg and 6ft 2in is Brett, Ferres, with new Australian NRL arrival Ta’ai 105kg and 6ft 1in.

Add further the rangy ‘youngster’ Nathan Mason’s 104kg, 6ft 5in frame and physique to the fray and it’s clear the Giants are now living firmly up to their name.

Brown has been responsible for putting those vital statistics together, and he admits they’ve even left him a little in awe.

“From our performance testing and medical screening, it’s clear the boys have looked after themselves in the off-season,” said Brown.

“To be honest, I’ve been incredibly impressed with the way a lot of them look.

“I’ve screened a lot of players here over the years, and there’s no doubt this group is the biggest we’ve ever had. Fortunately, they’re also very fit as well.

“The first two weeks of pre-season have started well and we are now coming out of our preparation phase of training.

“This is when we re-introduce the lads back into the volume of the pre-season work and they are ready to start training for real.

“The performance testing results dictate the volume of the training and we can individualise training to each player.

“The players that are a touch behind in fitness, carrying extra body fat or a little down on strength, will do additional sessions to get back up to speed, which allows us to get them where they need to be to start the year.

“It’s been really good to work with our new physio, Dave O’Sullivan, and his medical screening and feedback so far has been invaluable.

“Matthew Green is again working hard with the rehab players and the majority are now returning back to squad to join the rest of the boys.”