GIANTS captain Kevin Brown is ready to face Super League XVI leaders Warrington Wolves at the Halliwell Jones Stadium on Friday!

The England stand-off was caught late by a challenge from Crusaders forward Hep Cahill in the last play of the game.

The collision left Brown flat out and in immediate need of medical attention.

His neck was placed in a brace as he received five minutes’ on-field treatment before he was stretchered off the pitch to the sound of loud applause.

But within minutes of getting into the changing room, he was back on his feet and talking about facing Warrington later this week!

“I don’t know what part of the body he hit me with, but I do know it hurt!” said Brown.

“The reason the medical staff took so long was that I had pins and needles in my arms and legs at first, so they were leaving nothing to chance.

“Thankfully, they passed fairly quickly, and I was able to have a barbecue last night, although the fact my jaw was a bit sore meant it wasn’t much fun chewing any meat!

“But I do feel a lot better already and, at this stage, I fully intend to be playing against Warrington on Friday night.”

Brown also escaped a bout of concussion, with assistant coach Paul Anderson expressing relief that another of the side’s key playmakers isn’t facing a spell on the sidelines.

Already on the injured list are Danny Brough (ankle), David Faiumu (ribs) and Shaun Lunt (groin).

So the thought of losing Brown as well would have been the last thing the Giants needed.

“What we saw out there when Kev was injured was all the rigmarole and just the protocol and precautions the medical staff have to do when such an incident happens,” he explained.

“We’re obviously relieved that the injury wasn’t serious.

“We’ve got one or two other players out so the last thing we’d want would be to lose another key player, and that’s certainly what Kevin is.”

Winger David Hodgson ran in a hat trick for the Giants in what was a convincing victory, although Anderson was disappointed the final margin wasn’t much greater.

“We started really well and could have gone on to put a show on,” he added.

“We could have been out of sight after 20 minutes but we made a few wrong decisions.

“What we wanted though was a response to last week’s defeat (at Wigan).

“Good teams very rarely play badly twice in succession and I was pleased we got the response we wanted.

“Last week, the Wigan pack dominated us, but this week we dominated Crusaders.”

Former Huddersfield hooker and Giants In the Community officer Darren Turner is the guest speaker at the Huddersfield Giants Supporters Association meeting at Turnbridge WMC tomorrow (7.00-7.30)