WATCHING games from the stands has never come easy to me.

Fortunately, I’ve not had to do it that much during my career so far, because I’ve managed to remain relatively injury-free.

But I know that for the next few weeks I’ll be stuck on the sidelines recovering from my knee ligament injury.

It’s obviously far from ideal, but I certainly don’t regard it as being the end of the world.

Although I’d like to think I make a very valuable contribution to the Giants’ cause, I’m also fully aware that my teammates are more than capable of producing the quality performances – and results – without me.

So I know that when the boys take to the field at Castleford in the Challenge Cup quarter-final on Sunday, they can get the job done and take us to within 80 minutes of a return to Wembley Stadium – despite the way we faired last time out at Bradford Bulls.

That really was a terrible day, and one we don’t want to experience ever again. Picking up my injury just about summed it all up!

But we again know exactly where it went wrong and appreciate we only have ourselves to blame for what happened out there.

Browny summed it up perfectly at half-time when he said Bradford were playing the perfect wet-weather rugby and we weren’t.

Yet despite being told what we needed to be doing, we still remained addicted to dropping the ball with almost gay abandon. Talk about not learning the lessons!

So let’s just hope that by hitting what we’re sure is rock bottom in 2011, we don’t fall into a similar trap again and this time heed all the warnings. If we don’t we know how painful the outcome can be.

However, I sense with the mood of everyone in the squad this week that putting in another below-par performance couldn’t be further from anyone’s minds.

There’s a steely determination across the board that everyone intends to do everything they possibly can to put things right and make sure we can put this rough spell well and truly behind us.

The really good thing is that when it comes to Cup ties, form usually counts for very little, which is something pretty positive for us to hold onto!

But apart from the last month or so we have been a very consistent side, with just the odd blip here and there.

We’ve shown everyone exactly what we’re capable of achieving when we play to our full potential – just ask the likes of Warrington, St Helens and Leeds, for instance!

Yet we also know the talking has to stop and it’s positive action on the field that’s required.

Hopefully, we’ll see that at Castleford this weekend.