You’ve now had time to reflect on that defeat at Warrington last Friday. How disappointed do you remain as a group?

As we said straight after the game there was some pretty disappointing stuff.

But after watching the video, I think the boys realise what we can achieve as a group if we do the right things consistently.

That’s probably the key message right now – we need to be doing things well and doing them well for long periods.

So, you’re not overly-concerned with the way things are going at the moment?

Not really.

We just thought we could have given ourselves a better shot the other night.

But, at the same time, you’ve got to give credit to the opposition, who were better than us for periods of the game.

It was, however, a game where we can take a lot out of it if we want to.

The key now is moving forward, and we certainly don’t want to be going over the same things in three or four weeks’ time.

We’re at the stage now where we’re still in third place on the Super League ladder and we’ve got the Challenge Cup quarter-final tie at Castleford on Sunday week.

What we need to do is make sure our game keeps slowly improving, not have one good week and then an average week.

Of those that played against Warrington the other night, who do you feel deserves any credit?

I thought a lot of the younger players showed up pretty well.

Warrington obviously are a side that can certainly test you, because they’ve got plenty of good players.

But the likes of Joe Wardle, Leroy Cudjoe, Jermaine McGillvary and Michael Lawrence on that right edge handled themselves well.

Apart from one or two lapses, they came up very, very well defensively.

Warrington clearly targeted them down their side, but they only managed one try, even thought they dominated field position and had so many chances to test them out.

The way these younger players handled that was good to see.

Has playing in such a physically demanding contest taking its toll on the players?

There are a few bumps and bruises, which is what you’d expect after you’ve just been physically dominated by the opposition.

But the situation is definitely a lot better than it was three or four days ago before we gave them the mini-break.

There are still a number of players who are not 100%, but it is looking a lot more positive.

At this stage, no-one has been ruled out and it’s our intention to give everyone until the last minute to prove their fitness.

We certainly won’t be putting anyone out there who’s at a long-term risk, but we do want to be as strong as we possibly can. We’re at the stage where plenty of players do play with bumps and bruises.

I’m sure all sides will have players this week who’ve got something wrong with them.

It’s great news that Danny Brough’s back to face Bradford this weekend. How much do you feel you’ve missed him over the past month?

I think any side is going to miss a player in such a key position, particularly one who has such a big influence on the team.

But I do feel his absence does get a little over-stated when we lose a game.

You have to remember we did beat an in-form Catalan Dragons side without Broughy, beat Crusaders when he didn’t play and we also remained in control when he went off injured when we won against Castleford.

But, as I said, you certainly miss the things about what the good players do.

The key is to make sure that when they’re not there you learn to deal with it. Unfortunately, at times, we didn’t give ourselves as good a chance as we should have without Broughy.

So there’s no question having him back will help bring a lot to the team, I don’t think anyone can deny that.

With the way last week’s results panned out, St Helens and Catalan are now just a point behind you in the table. Is that something you’ve focused on?

Well, we certainly know they’re there, because everyone keeps reminding us!

So, in that respect, we can’t deny we don’t know about it.

But the key for us is to start to get some good consistent footy under our belt, because we didn’t do as well as we’d have liked last weekend.

The week before against Crusaders we showed a lot of improvement.

If we get our game to improve again, get everyone on the same page and consistently make slight improvements, both as a team and individually, I’m sure the table will take care of itself.