HUDDERSFIELD Giants coach Paul Anderson is delighted with the way his pack is taking shape.

With the arrival of new signings Stuart Fielden, Craig Kopzcak, Anthony Mullally and Ukuma Ta’ai, Huddersfield are set to be one of the biggest sides in Super League XVIII.

That’s something Anderson was keen to achieve, with the way the Giants were physically dominated by Hull FC in September’s play-off defeat causing the John Smith’s Stadium chief some concern.

But the former Great Britain prop is confident that won’t be the case in 2013.

The four forwards average 6ft 4in and weigh 16st-plus, and with the likes of Super League’s biggest prop in Eorl Crabtree ready to join them in a new-look pack, Anderson knows the days of Huddersfield being intimated up front should soon be a thing of the past.

“When you look at these boys running around the training field it’s a pretty impressive sight,” he said.

“We certainly won’t be lacking in size and strength, and I’d be bitterly disappointed if we saw something similar to what went on in that play-off defeat at Hull.

“I’ve made no secret of what I thought about the way we were physically dominated in that game, and how it was something that had to change.

“Stuart, Craig and Anthony are already making their considerable presence felt, and I’m excited to see them being joined by Ukuma (he’s expected to arrive just before Christmas).

“He’s another very big, strong physical man, who’s also very aggressive and will add a tremendous amount to our pack.

“He can play at prop or back-row and we will work out how to utilise his skills best during pre-season.”

Because of the recruitment of four top-quality and established big men, competition for places is also bound to be more fierce than ever.

And that’s something else Anderson has been striving to achieve.

“Their aren’t going to be enough places for everyone, so there are going to be some disappointed players,” he added.

“But it’s how they react to that disappointment that’s going to be important.

“If they want to be a part of our pack they all know exactly what I expect from them.

“I’m hoping this level of competition will bring the best out of everyone.”