WE head to Bradford Bulls tomorrow feeling refreshed after being given a four-day break after the defeat at Warrington Wolves.

It was time off that I know a lot of the boys have appreciated, especially those who have been playing a lot of minutes in recent months.

Many of us have been struggling with niggly little injuries, so not having to be put through our paces on the training field should do everyone a power of good.

Several of the boys decided to spend one of the days hiring a fishing boat in Whitby and going out to sea searching for the catch of the day.

That was the idea anyway, and the likes of Eorl, Kev, Griff and Jammer definitely followed the strategy to the letter, with some fine fish having been netted.

But what can we say about Scott Grix?

With the way the day panned out, it’s safe to assume Grixy has never been out to sea in a fishing boat before, and probably won’t be trying it ever again.

While everyone else was reeling in some decent specimen, Grixy was turning a delightful shade of green and holding his head in his hands from start to finish.

It’s just lucky for him that the sea was relatively calm that day!

Fortunately, Grixy was back in rude health when we all returned to training on Wednesday and will be ready to play another key role for us at Bradford Bulls tomorrow.

And I also hope I’ll be back in action helping the Giants’ cause.

Due to the injury-hit nature of a very frustrating season, I’ve again spent the past few weeks keeping my fingers crossed hoping to get the nod to play.

I am feeling fresh and I’m confident of doing a good job, just like I was before picking up my eye injury in the home win over Warrington in early April.

And I know how important it is to try and force my way back in right now.

We’re now reaching the most important time of the season, with the Challenge Cup soon to reach its climax and the Super League play-offs just around the corner.

There’s not a player in the competition who wants to miss games like this!