HUDDERSFIELD GIANTS will be hoping to maintain their recent good form against Hull KR and extend their unbeaten run to eight matches.

That obviously includes a meeting at Craven Park earlier this season in another Sky TV game which proved memorable for events off the field as well as on it.

On that day, the fixture came under serious threat at half-time as a power failure resulted in the floodlights in one corner going out, prompting referee Steve Ganson to tell Kevin Brown to avoid kicking to that corner!

The Giants were desperate to avoid an abandonment of the game as they were leading 12-6 at half time.

But, fortunately, after a 25-minute break, the lights were back on and the game continued, with Huddersfield romping to a 38-16 victory, thanks to second-half tries from Michael Lawrence, Danny Brough, Scott Grix, David Hodgson and Luke Robinson.

Last 10 meetings: Hull KR 16 Huddersfield 38 (SL, 26/3/11), Huddersfield 16 Hull KR 16 (SL, 25/6/10), Huddersfield 40 Hull KR 12 (CCR4, 18/4/10), Hull KR 0 Huddersfield 30 (SL, 21/2/10), Huddersfield 22 Hull KR 6 (SL, 5/6/09), Hull KR 8 Huddersfield 30 (SL, 13/4/09), Huddersfield 50 Hull KR 16 (SL, 18/5/08), Hull KR 42 Huddersfield 22 (CCR5, 11/5/08), Hull KR 24 Huddersfield 24 (SL, 30/3/08), Hull KR 25 Huddersfield 24 (SL, 15/9/07).