GET ready for some hunger, cold, sleep deprivation – and more!

That’s the warning from head coach Paul Anderson as the Giants prepare to head to North Yorkshire.

While many of Huddersfield’s Super League rivals get ready for warm-weather training camps, Anderson’s men will be experiencing the complete opposite, courtesy of the 5th Regiment Royal Artillery Yorkshire Gunners.

For three days, the Giants will be in the middle of nowhere, attempting to live in a replica Armed Forces Afghanistan bunk and surviving on meagre army rations.

They will also be embarking on a number of army exercises, with team building at the heart of the process.

Anderson knows his players will find it tough. It’s something none of them has ever experienced before.

But in terms of creating an even stronger bond between the group, the John Smith’s Stadium chief knows next week’s ‘adventure’ could be a real winner.

“Next week isn’t just about screaming, shouting, getting up, getting down and routines like that,” said Anderson, who will be aiming to lead from the front himself.

“It’s also learning about each other as well, and how we handle adversity, not just as individuals but as a group.

“It’s about working for each other, as a team, and seeing which individuals have what it takes to deal with what promises to be an incredibly punishing few days.

“By the time we return, I think we’ll know a lot more about the true character of the players, because exercises like this certainly build character.

“It’s then a case of taking that character with them into the gameday situation to make them stronger on the competitive field.

“At the end of the day, even though they are about to go into a totally different environment, many of the qualities they’re going to need next week are qualities they need to be successful during a game.”

Going away with the army will also provide a welcome break from the regular daily training routine, which Anderson knows is vital to keep the players fresh.

“When we come back from the three days, they’ll have earned a day off,” he added.

“But when they then return to regular training after that, we’ll be hoping to see them fit and raring to go again.”