ALL you need to know about Huddersfield Giants new signing Stuart Fielden.

Stuart Fielden factfile

Date of birth: September 14, 1979

Place of birth: Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire

Height: 6ft 3in (191 cm)

Weight: 16st 7lb (105kg)

Playing position: Prop

Junior Club: Illingworth RLFC

Club record: Bradford Bulls (1998-2006, 224 appearances, 43 tries), Wigan Warriors (2006-12, 139 appearances, three tries), Huddersfield Giants (2012-)

Representative honours: Great Britain (2001-06, 25 appearances, two tries), England (2000-08, 10 appearances, 0 tries)

On the John Smith’s Stadium moments

"I’ve got loads, and that was one of the many attractions of coming here.

"On top of that, there’s the proximity to my home in Halifax. It’s great to think my rugby league ‘home’ is now virtually on the doorstep.

"But there’s no doubt that over the years the stadium has been very kind to me, whether it’s been called the McAlpine Stadium or Galpharm Stadium. Fingers crossed, the John Smith’s Stadium will be the same.

"The stadium has been the venue of our three World Club Challenge successes with the Bulls, as well as a number of Challenge Cup semi-final triumphs.

"And then, there are the many memorable Test matches.

"Yes, this stadium has been good to me over the years, and to now call it my ‘home’ is a great feeling!" – Stuart Fielden

On Paul Anderson

I SUPPOSE my hands are tied a bit, because he’s now my boss!

We obviously go back a long way through our playing days at Bradford and we were very good teammates.

To be honest, he’s already pulled me a few times regarding the way I’ve been with him and the jokes I’ve been telling. As a result, I’ve got to be careful what I to say, because our relationship has now changed so much.

But I’m certainly okay with that.

As a gaffer, he’s brilliant, and he’s just what you want in the role. He let’s you know exactly what he wants from you, and if you don’t, you’ll either end up not playing or be out of here.

There’s no grey when it comes to Baloo, it’s either black or white, which is the way it is in rugby.

You do always wonder when a player moves into coaching whether they’ll be able to successfully make the transition.

It’s a big leap from being one of the boys to be the being the boss, but Baloo has done it seamlessly, which I always thought he would.

On Robbie Paul:

IT’S great to be back working with my old Bulls buddy Robbie once again.

Just like with Baloo, my relationship with him has obviously changed a little, although he’s still the same old Robbie to me.

At first, it was a little strange seeing him in a shirt and tie on a daily basis rather than in training gear, but it wasn’t that big a shock.

I always knew Robbie would be cut out for the role he’s now doing (Giants business development manager) and I also know 100% he’ll do a fantastic job.

Robbie really is a great and genuine bloke, and because we’ve always remained in regular contact I knew exactly what he was doing, so walking in and seeing him behind a desk wasn’t a surreal experience at all.

To be honest, we’re still good mates and have a lot of friends in common, so it’s been good catching up with him on a very regular basis once again.

On RL memories :

"IT’S hard to pick one and I’ve got some fantastic memories and what also makes the choice so tough is that I’ve been able to savour some great moments at club and international level.

"At club level, my proudest moments have to be the three World Club Challenge successes with the Bulls. Beating the Australians at any level is always something to savour!

"I’ve also been lucky enough to beat the Aussies at international level with Great Britain as well. It goes without saying that representing your country is always a very proud moment, and I’m proud to say I’ve done it over 30 times.

"The best were our three victories over the Kangaroos, particularly the one in their own backyard in Sydney, although the wins at the McAlpine Stadium and DW Stadium were also incredibly special."

On Adrian Morley

WHEN it comes to the toughest opponent and the player I respect most in the game it has got to be Adrian Morley (right).

I’ve played many Tests alongside him in the front row, as well as for a time at the Bulls.

I’ve also played against him during his time at Leeds and Warrington and he’s a real inspiration and a top bloke.

But his greatest achievements has to be what he did when he was playing in Australia (for Sydney Roosters) and was absolutely immense.

I’ve not seen anyone destroy people like he did when he was at his best down there, and that made him a legend in that part of the world as well as this.

There’s no doubt that over the past decade, he’s been one of the best forwards throughout the game.

On the lows:

"OVERALL, the game has been very good to me and I feel blessed.

"Some may think the last two years at Wigan will have been the worst, because of my injury problems.

"But that was tough more than anything, because I wasn’t playing.

"In terms of the lowest, it’s probably a couple of the earlier seasons at had at Wigan.

"That was the time when I discovered that life affects rugby and rugby affects life.

"It was nothing to do with the club, it was just my personal life was my rugby life and my personal life was the worst.

"But that’s all behind me now, and I’m really exciting about this new chapter in my life."