LUKE ROBINSON is hoping the Giants will receive a ‘bucketload’ of luck in the second half of the season.

Although the popular scrum half admits his Huddersfield side should be performing much better, he believes they are not getting the rub of the green.

And he knows that when they do, the smiles will return to all the faces of those with the claret and gold at heart.

“It’s been a tough few weeks, we all know that,” said Robinson.

“We were bitterly disappointed to lose at home to Catalans and even more disappointed to lose to Wakefield last Saturday.

“It’s just so frustrating, because we’ve got a great team here and a great set of coaches. But it’s just not happening.

“I know that we’ll turn it around at some stage. There’s too much quality here for that not to happen.

“And I’m sure we’ll soon see the 50-50 calls going our way. They say that during the course of a season the luck evens itself out, which means we should be getting a bucketload of it in the next few months!

“I know this may sound as if I’m making excuses for some of the recent defeats we’ve been suffering – as I’ve said it’s just not coming off for us right now – but you can’t argue that we’ve been on the receiving end of some incredibly tough calls in recent matches.

“We suffered the narrowest of home defeats to Wigan, Catalans and Wakefield, and if the late crucial calls had gone our way – as they should have done – we wouldn’t have lost any of them.

“Against Wigan, Darrell Griffin produced a fantastic piece of defensive work to prevent George Carmont grounding the ball over the line, but the referee gave the try.

“Then against Catalans I was on the receiving end in the last minute when the score was 20-16.

“I followed a great break from Chris Thorman and was just brought down 10m short of the line. I got up as quickly as I could to play the ball because the Dragons were stretched wide open and we had the numbers on them to score the try.

“But a Catalans player deliberately knocked the ball out of my grasp to allow his teammates the time to get back in the defensive line. When the referee awarded a knock-on against me, I just couldn’t believe it.

“And it was just the same against Wakefield last weekend, although it was Kev Brown who deserved all our sympathy that day.

“Twice in the final quarter when we were applying pressure on the Wakefield tryline he deliberately had the ball knocked out of his hand, and that’s not just me saying it.

“It was quite clear from the replays on the big screen what had happened, and then after the game it was confirmed to me. Scott Grix is one of my best mates and he admitted to me he did it on purpose. Again, that just summed up the way things are going.

“But there’s nothing we can do about that.

“The game’s gone now, and all we can do is keep working hard and make sure such calls don’t have such a negative effect on us in the future.

“It’s up to us to start playing to our full potential, so that tough decisions like these have no major bearing on the final outcome of a contest.”