GIANTS officials are keen to remind their fans Galpharm will be ‘smoke free’ for the first time.

The move is part of national legislation, with Galpharm Stadium managing director Ralph Rimmer explaining: “We now have a legal obligation to enforce this Central Government policy.

“It is something that has been on the political agenda for quite some time now and it has finally filtered down to this implementation date.

“Stadia have a responsibility to protect both its employees and also public users from exposure to second-hand smoke and so we will all fall into line.

“Smoking will be prohibited in all areas within the facility, which means that once inside the ground, then a smoke-free environment is guaranteed.

“I would expect that our visiting public will respect this situation and don't envisage any difficulties at all in respecting the new law.

“It has been developed around a social responsibility to those around and will, I am sure, improve everyone's environment.”