CANNY Saints coach Ian Millward has targeted the Giants he believes could stop his side's march to the Challenge Cup final in Cardiff.

Millward's St Helens go into Sunday's semi-final against the Giants at Warrington (3.15) as red-hot favourites.

The Knowsley Road side have already been heavily distracted by the betting scandal surrounding Sean Long and Martin Gleeson.

But Millward believes the biggest threat to his side comes from the Giants themselves rather than events away from the pitch.

And he feels players such as Paul Reilly, Ben Roarty, Brandon Costin and Stanley Gene could be the men to cause an upset.

"I have a lot of respect for the Giants," admitted Millward, above.

"For a start, I know how good a coach Jon Sharp is because of the two years he spent with me as my assistant.

"And they also have a lot of tried and tested players at the highest level.

"In the likes of Costin, Gene, Roarty and Reilly they have some exceptionally talented players, who we need to watch closely."