As the winner went in on Saturday I realised football hadn't changed much since I started watching 40 years ago, my first match being Huddersfield Town against Watford back in April 1976.

That feeling when the goal goes into the back of the net, the elation.....

The winning feeling that makes your weekend and puts a smile on your face for the rest of the week - and gives you the edge in Monday morning's banter and whatever you have to face in the upcoming week.

WATCH: Town players celebrate win over Derby County with the fans (courtesy of Sammy Johnson)

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Ok, so me and my Dad were in a box at the all-seated John Smiths Stadium on Saturday and not standing on the terraces at the old Leeds Road Stadium. We had won three point instead of two, the team on Saturday had included players numbered between 1 to 45 instead of 1 to 12, but the emotions were still the same.

The excitement prior to the match, the guessing of the score, the superstition, the lucky haircut, the anger when a decision didn't go our way, even if it's a throw in on the half way line, the little nudge and smile, with my Dad, when we have a chance that goes close.

And when that ball goes into the back of the net, these feelings never change.

Yes, there have been many changes, the first player was bought for a million in the 1970s, it won't be long before a player earns that a week, the media now covers many live games and social media covers every twist and turn.

In the 70s we had the Green Un newspaper and the live FA Cup final at the old Wembley. Merchandise has definitely changed, I now have more than 10 shirts, a gnome, oven gloves, an apron and some rubber ducks for my bath. Oh and then there's the mascots......

And there are things that haven't changed since the seventies, the pies for one and folk that leave the match prior the the end of the game, like my Uncle Tom who missed that first goal of my football watching career...why do folk do that ? I was puzzled as a 6 year old lad then and I am still puzzled now.

Mike Davis with Huddersfield Town mascot Terry the Terrier during a match day at the John Smith's Stadium.
Mike Davis with Huddersfield Town mascot Terry the Terrier during a match day at the John Smith's Stadium.

But that's not the important bits - the important bit is the optimism, the hope and belief and the euphoria of the win, the day out with my dad and mates, a win for the unchanged mighty blue and white stripes, just imagine if a new owner thought it was better to play in red!

That said, this season, we want everything to change. Firstly we want to finish above Leeds, for the first time since the early 60s and we want promotion to the top division of English football.

Is this possible ?? Believe......the future is bright, the future is blue and white.

Mike Davis is a lifelong Huddersfield Town fan who has been supporting the side through thick and thin for more than 40 years, attending home and away games and spreading the Town word on a number of trips abroad.