ARTIST Keith Hanselman is delighted that one of his paintings has been accepted in the Royal Academy Summer show in London.

The painting is called Pennine Factory and uses deep rich shades to recreate the powerful atmosphere of the rugged valleys in the area.

“It was bought by ‘an ex-pat’ lady who used to live in Huddersfield and now lives in Lewes, Sussex,” said Keith.

“She says it will remind her of the valleys where she was brought up. Home thoughts from abroad!”

Keith, who was born in Halifax but now lives in Huddersfield, began his career as a textile designer after completing a degree in Art and Textile Design.

After a successful career in cloth design, Keith changed direction to become a full time professional painter.

He is delighted to have had one of his paintings accepted in what is one of the milestone exhibitions of any year.

“It would be interesting to find out how many local painters were exhibited this year in the Royal Academy,” said Keith.

“The Yorkshire carrier who took mine down to London told me that he took 600 paintings down and only three gained admission.”

The exhibition continues until August 15.