The moon is the centrepiece of a new exhibition at Huddersfield Art Gallery.

The work called Everyone is a Moon by artist and printmaker Amy-Jane Blackhall will be at the gallery until Saturday, January 13.

The exhibition takes the form of an immersive sculptural installation.

A large lunar abacus takes centre stage.

A familiar childhood object used for counting holds hand blown glass moons positioned to mark the lunar phases of 2017.

Casting its own shadow and reflection in a mirror moon, it exists beyond its framework.

Luna Abacus sculpture by Amy Jane Blackhall

As the audience orbit the space they can’t help but interact and engage.

The sculpture is accompanied by a series of prints made from solar plates.

Amy-Jane Blackhall is the winner of the 2016 Flourish Award and Intaglio Printmaker material prize.

The Flourish Award was established in 2009 by West Yorkshire Print Workshop to champion and showcase excellence in printmaking across Yorkshire.

The award now provides printmakers from across the UK with the opportunity to exhibit their work in a group exhibition at the WYPW Gallery.

The winner of the award goes on to present their own solo exhibition at Huddersfield Art Gallery.