The laughs came so thick and fast at Leeds Grand Theatre that sometimes it was hard to keep up.

From start to finish, Jeeves and Wooster in Perfect Nonsense was a whirlwind of farce, slapstick and a bally old riot of a story.

While I will always love Robert Webb for playing my beloved Jez in Channel 4's Peep Show, it was an utter delight to see him take on farcical, physical comedy as Bertie Wooster and I could have happily watched him all night.

His delirious facial expressions, lovable charm and nifty footwork won the audience over immediately — he was mesmerising.

And the performances of Jason Thorpe and Christopher Ryan, as Jeeves and Seppings respectively, were truly marvellous.

Whirling around Wooster, the two exhausted themselves as the plot unfolded, with expert comic timing and unbelievable execution.

The finer details of the story were quickly forgotten as the trio bounced between scene changes and breaking the fourth wall.

It's a show within a show, making the scenery, costume changes and props all the more important, and while simple, the set is quite clever.

P G Wodehouse's take down of the feckless upper classes has aged very well indeed — while society has moved away from tally-ho, we still love to laugh at his caricatures.

Absurd scenes with an imagined car journey, a flying silver cow creamer and a rather possessive dog called Bartholomew had the audience in stiches, and the curtain call is a must-see for anyone who loved Webb on Let's Dance for Comic Relief.

That three actors, gifted as they are, can create such a rich, fast-paced, ambitious comedy is truly impressive — it's clear why this was such a smash hit in the West End.

Jeeves and Wooster in Perfect Nonsense is at the Grand until Saturday June 6.

Tickets are on sale now, £23-£34.

Book online or call the Box Office on 0844 848 2700.