Iron House by John Hart. John Murray, £12.99.

WRITING a thriller sounds easy in theory – chuck in a couple of dead bodies, insert some cliffhangers with twists and turns at every chapter and a detective who soon comes across trouble.

However, John Hart has taken another route with his main man being Michael the hitman. Having grown up in children’s home Iron House with his brother, Julian, Michael ran away to the streets of New York, while Julian was adopted by a senator’s family.

Following the death of his mentor – mob boss Otto – Michael is forced to go on the run but the contract killer soon finds himself in the midst of a murder case which his long-lost brother is implicated in. With the mob in hot pursuit and a price on his head, it’s up to Michael to solve the mystery and emerge unscathed.

As far as thrillers go, Hart’s on route to being the next Jeffery Deaver with this book you just can’t put down.

Shereen Low