All For You by Sheila O’Flanagan. Headline Review, £14.99.

SHE has already topped the best-seller lists many times both here and in Ireland, and Sheila O’Flanagan’s latest novel looks certain to do the same.

Our heroine is Lainey, a TV meteorologist whose love of the weather is rivalled only by her love of love itself.

She’s been engaged twice, only to be dumped by her husbands-to-be – and doesn’t appear to have learned her lesson when latest flame Ken does a runner after Lainey mentions the ‘m’ word.

For a successful modern woman, Lainey does seem obsessed by the idea of marriage which is strange when you consider that her mother is one of the world’s foremost feminists.

There’s a storm brewing in Lainey’s life – but will she find sunshine after the rain?

O’Flanagan uses her considerable skills as a writer to keep the reader absorbed throughout. Expect another huge success.

Sandra Mangan