By Rebecca Haslam

As part of Huddersfield University’s Freshers' Week 2014, 450 students packed themselves in for an evening of comical entertainment.

Compere for the evening Adam Rowe gets things off to a good start, pointing out a blue haired young woman down the front and looking dumbstruck when she says she’s designing a hotel for bees.

It’s not long however before he introduces the first act of the evening; regular TV favourite Chris Ramsey, who walks on stage to a storm of clapping hands and stomping feet. For the next half hour, though momentarily distracted by an exploding light to his right, he proceeds to get the shoulders of almost everyone present shaking with stories including that of his now infamous appearance on Soccer AM, of which he has now been banned for life from.

He also earns huge laughs about the rise of Twitter hashtags, and how every comedian has a mate who says the most stupid things.

He leaves to rapturous cheers, and after a short interval, it’s onto Ruth E Cockburn – a blonde haired, guitar holding young woman who has performed as far away as Australia.

Her jokes and humour is a little more adult, so it’s just as well the event is over 18’s only, but nevertheless, her comments about Blackpool being “crap” and how she once overdosed on antihistamines at a music festival go down rather well.

Andrew Watts struggles, notably because he takes it upon himself to perform a routine heavy with much darker material.

A quip referring to the Moors Murderers has the room hissing with discontent, while some Liverpudlian audience members don’t respond well to a moment about women from there who smoke when pregnant.

He receives muted applause as he exits, and the night has hit a lull, but luckily, Nathan Caton, seen on ‘Russell Howard’s Good News’ picks things up again.

He happily takes the mick out of himself and his family, which those watching find duly entertaining, while his story about how he got two burglars to leave his house – he was only dressed him his PJs – earns him a huge cheer.

It is kind of him, as he wraps up, to wish everyone “a good year” and with that, the evening ends as dozens of people head back out into the night, still laughing.