THE INVENTIVE creative team at St Johns Church, Golcar are back in action next week with a brand new show.

Theres trouble in the Colne Valley according to Sue Starr whose new show, Over the Hills to Golcar tells a dastardly tale of sheep rustlers from Marsden stealing Golcar sheep to sell at Slaithwaite market?

Well whod believe it? Well no-one of course because its a tall tale spun in the name of community entertainment and thats who will pack the church for performances which begin next Thursday.

The script is by Sue Starr, the musical direction by Margaret Laycock and the music is from Pirates of Penzance courtesy of Gilbert and Sullivan.

This is very much a community production so expect lots of laughter and plenty of music.

As ever from this Golcar team, expect to be asked the big questions and to meet super-heroes.

Who can save the day? Who can protect the Colne Valley sheep and keep them safe from the barbecue?

The answer is, of course, the Golcar Lilies, brave lasses prepared to tramp over hill and dale to save their sheep and bring them safe to the fields of Golcar.

So why might you ask, are they prepared to face danger on these draughty hills?

Well, they might just have some rather good lamb recipes of their own!

Performances run nightly until Saturday at 7.15pm plus a Saturday matinee at 2.15pm