ACTRESS Liz Hume-Dawson is busy trying to balance her daughter’s summer holiday break with her own new job, filming a new series for CBBC.

“I started working on Sunday on a new CBBC drama playing a teacher,” she said.

“It’s called the 4 o’clock Club and the great news it’s filming in Bolton.”

That’s where Liz, who grew up in Honley, now lives with husband Matthew and their daughter, Charlotte, who is 11.

“I also have to fit in filming playing my eighth nurse in new drama called Hit And Miss,” she said.

She sounds as bright and cheery as ever, juggling home life with the career that she has always wanted – in acting.

It’s a long way from the days when Liz appeared on stage with Honley Players and Huddersfield Thespians.

But that’s where she started and where she picked up the acting bug which was to send her off to train at Manchester’s Metropolitan University School of Acting.

Since then she’s worked on stage at the Royal Exchange in Manchester and built up a serious CV of television work.

The mother-of-one has previously appeared in Casualty, Dinner Ladies and Hetty Wainthropp Investigates and seems to have cornered the market in playing the archetypal nurse – friendly, approachable and reassuring.

She’s be the first to admit though that life in the Hume-Dawson household has been anything but calm and collected in the last week.

When I first called, Liz was otherwise engaged, busy taking her much loved dog to the vet.

“She got run over but she’s fine now,’’ she said. “It’s meant lots of trips to the vet.”

“She’s a German Shepherd and lurcher cross. She’s my gym membership and runs at a rate of knots.”

Liz’s husband, Matthew, is in marketing for a creative agency in Cheadle called Fresh.

Liz said: “They do all kinds of promotional and creative work. They used our house for TV ads for Iceland. They wanted a house with a big kitchen.’’

Aside from getting talented pianist Charlotte to her latest exam, Liz’s mind is firmly on her new role in a CBBC series which will run for 13 episodes.

“It’s called the 4 O’Clock Club and sounds like a modern day Grange Hill,” she said.

Joining the cast will be former Coronation Street actor Steve Huison. He played Eddie Windass in the Street but in this new series plays a headmaster called Mr Byron.

Liz plays the IT teacher although she admits that computers aren’t really her thing.

“It is being filmed at Smithills School in Bolton which is great because it’s not that far from where we live,” she said.

“Some of the kids are extras. It’s something Charlotte has done and quite enjoyed it.”

“We have been given the scripts for four episodes so far. We start the next batch next Thursday.

“I’m filming until the end of September on this, so I don’t know what we will be doing about a holiday.

“Filming can be unpredictable at times on any TV show. Sometimes you might not know until the night before what time you are needed the following day.

“At least with this new series being filmed in Bolton, I don’t have far to go if, for example, they are ahead of schedule and need us in earlier than we’d expected.”