They have played to sell out crowds, toured with Jackass’s Bam Margera and have been crowned winners at this year’s Pure Rawk awards but Mr Shiraz front man, Mikey Baird, still gets the heebie jeebies when playing in front of his home town crowd.

But the packed live room at the Parish soon caused all pre-gig stage fright to melt away as he and his band to the front for a special hometown show.

Their first at the venue for several months, fans certainly hadn’t forgot how to rock out for the fun-loving five piece, who were warming up to embark on a mini-tour with legendary punk rockers, SNUFF.

Any singer that gets on stage with a Fugazi t-shirt immediately has this reviewer on their side but it was Mikey Baird’s hilarious interactions with the crowd that put their set apart from other recent gigs.

Feeling right at home once on stage, his quick-witted responses came thick and flowing, from the man who jokingly heckled for him to take his pants off to fending off bartering attempts for their latest EP, God Hates Mr Shiraz.

It was a great compere act to get the audience ready for the meat of their show, a 40 minute hop around the best of some of the band’s newest work.

The EP’s three songs, Jack Burton, I Like It and Sitting Pretty were the first to be launched at the audience, with such energy to rival that of the Bronx’s high octane performance that took place at the venue earlier this summer.

It was clear why No Prophecy impressed Pure Rawk judges last March, a great beer-fuelled groove-punk offering that got those not dancing into the groove.

Smack in the face riffs and an incredible shredding section from Tim Patterson sent the room into a frenzy, whilst Victoria Black’s thumping bass lines had everyone hooked on every note.

The title track from their upcoming EP, 21 Grams, was a perfect teaser to end the show and hopefully it will not be too long until it will make its debut onto the shelves.

Part manic, all party, Mr Shiraz brought the weekend party feeling early to this corner of Huddersfield.