THE SUZUKIS: The Suzukis.A band just over the hills in Wigan who have taken the essence of 70s punk, worked in 1990s influences from the likes of The Verve and Oasis and then got all angry about just about everything. The result is a full-on, full throttle, all revved up onslaught that’s out to capture the hearts and minds of disaffected youth up and down the country. Singer Chris Veasey says: “It’s about asking yourself if you’re happy with the life you’re allowed to live.’’ Adam Bamford’s three chord riffs crank up the adrenaline injection that’s already in free flow. A fierce racket with fierce things to say about the meaningless existence of small town life.

ENTER SHIKARI: Live From Planet Earth.No-one mashes up the genres quite like this lot who are metallic screamcore one moment, boppy synth the next and then pogoing like crazy as they let their manic ska rip. And yet, strangely, when they talk to the crowd they seem just like normal blokes.This is their first live album and does what it no doubt set out to do – encourages you to see them let rip on stage.