Chris says....

First, the good things about the film – the concept was fairly original, it wasn’t overly long and Jessica Alba always looks good even if she can’t act!

The main problem with the film was the cast and, in particular, the inherently unlikeable Hayden Christensen.

Throughout the film I couldn’t help thinking that I wanted his character to die and the bad guys to succeed.

Despite having an original concept the plot twists are clearly sign posted and a little silly. Some films fall into the category of being bad but entertainingly so – this is one of the them.

Rating: 3/5

Emma says...

THE concept of being fully aware without being able to move during a major operation is just about the most horrifying experience imaginable.

So it takes a very special kind of ineptitude to mould this promising idea into a pretty dire film.

The plot is absurd and the “shock” twist is so blatantly obvious it hurts.

There are some funny moments though, but these are for all the wrong reasons. Like I’m sure Hayden Christensen wasn’t trying to be comical when he makes all those “aargh” noises as he feels the pain of the surgeons slicing into him.

In fact, his acting is so bad that he makes Miss Jessica “I’m only there to provide eye-candy” Alba look like an Oscar contender.

Not as painful as having your chest cut open, but a pretty uncomfortable experience just the same.

Rating: 2/5