GRINDERMAN: Mickey Mouse And The Goodbye Man.With a title as inspired as this who cares about the song. Prepare to be blown away by a gritty, raw, bluesy rock grind that builds up an all-consuming sense of anticipation and then goes all the way by fulfilling it.

KITTY, DAISY AND LEWIS: Messing With My Life.Organic oh-so-soft ska funk soul that’s as simple and quaint as it gets.

RUMER: Take Me As I Am.It’s okay to talk about Rumer in the same breath as Karen Carpenter, she’s that good – and this reflective swirl proves it once again. Prepare to be amazed.

CLARE TEAL: Chasing Cars.When a band like Snow Patrol writes and then performs a classic to perfection anything else pales by comparison. This piano and voice version is so pale it’s whiter than snow. What is she thinking releasing this as a single.