THE GO! TEAM: Ready To Go Steady.More like Ready Steady Go as we head off back to the beehived girl groups of the 1960s when Phil Spector was respectable. All sugary, sweet and innocent.

DANGER MOUSE AND DANIELE LUPPI: The Rose With The Broken Neck.Yes, it’s as depressing as you fear from the duo who are deep into Italian film music. But the up side is it’s a double A with Season’s Trees drawing you into its easy-listening 60s swirl.

RAGHU DIXIT: Hey Bhagwan. There’s not many who can mix Indian music with folk, but Raghu does it intriguingly well and even manages to get fiddles and a bluesy guitar in on the act.

JENNY AND JOHNNY: Animal.Nothing remotely animal about this free-flowing oh-so-soft pop.