Age: 18

Where are you from? Kirkburton.

What do you do? Student studying Media and Art.

How would you describe your style? I draw on indie and fashionable styles with a DIY twist. I make a lot of my own jewellery.

How would you describe your look from head to foot? Hair cut and colour myself, jacket Primark, dress, bag from Mag, accessories and tights from Primark and shoes from New Look.

What’s your favourite store? Magic, it’s unique and good value.

Where do you shop in Huddersfield? Magic, TopShop when I can afford it. Also Left Bank, Primark, HMV and Radar Records.

Who is your style icon? Agyness Deyn – she is individual and different to other models that are around.

Who is the best dressed celebrity? Alexa Chung. I like her style, especially the way she mixes designer, vintage and high street

And the worst? Mutya Buena, her style seems inappropriate and cheap.