STEVIE NICKS: In Your Dreams.The granite-voiced one has kept up a decent consistency over many years – and there’s some strong stuff in here as she veers from thumping soft rock through acoustic troubadouring to just plain storytelling. If Cliff Richard is the Peter Pan of Pop, she’s the Petra Pan of Rock.

WOLF GANG: Suego Faults.The band fronted by singer songwriter Max McElligott seems to have absorbed a diverse set of influences at a sponge-like rate. His voice has an uncanny resemblance to 70s soft rockers Supertramp and yet the next track up can then be a glittery synth gallop – the kind of freaky high energy you’d expect from The Scissor Sisters yet not quite as sharp. There are glimpses to a more sinister side while the title track, Lions In Cages, is an ultra melodic call to arms and proves just how radio-friendly they can be. The lyrics show some clout too with pearlers such as “when you’re looking all around but you just don’t see’’ and “when time moves faster than the bullet of a gun’’ showing he’s a thinker as well as a music mover and shaker. Expect Wolf Gang to keep baring their significant teeth.