BINGE drinking is a culture familiar to some, completely foreign to others.

It’s hardly surprising that the passion for liquid fuelled nights out which seems to have gripped the country is now heading for the stage.

And if, in a drunken moment, you rang up and told the theatre company what you thought about drinking, about theatre, well, about anything, don’t be surprised to hear your voice included in the show.

The Paper Birds company, which is currently devising a new show, Thirsty has appealed to drinkers to help.

They set up a “drunken hotline” especially for the show. The idea is for people to call the number – 07758 451152 – preferably after they’ve had a few drinks and say what’s on their mind.

There’s also a warning: “The voicemail may be used in the performance!”

There is also an online survey exploring drinking culture in the UK and that’s on and completed questionnaires should be emailed to

The new show is being devised at the Lawrence Batley Theatre with a preview performance on July 30 (7.45pm). The show then heads off to the Edinburgh Festival where it runs from August 3-28 at Pleasance Two.

The Paper Birds has been devising shows since 2003. They say they work on ideas that are “culturally, socially and politically observational and conversationally urgent.”

“Our productions will always emerge from a female perspective and often this female voice will prioritise stories of women.”

The story of Thirsty tells of bruised knees, uncontrollable laughter and forgotten moments all of which will be

familiar to anyone who has ever had a drink too many.

It is, after all, something many will have seen if not on their own streets, certainly on TV, as the drinking culture spills out of pubs and clubs across the country on Friday nights and weekends.

Thirsty aims to look past the figures and the statistics to the faces and voices of women admitted into Accident and Emergency wards in the dead of the night and of the lone girls sitting on pavements unable to stand.

They say they will explore the stories and social repercussions of lost memories and gained traumas.

The company will set up a residency at the LBT in Huddersfield to develop this new work before staging it here and in Scotland.

Tickets for the LBT show are £7 / concessions £5 from the box office on 01484 430528 or book online at